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The Supreme Court has blocked President Joe Biden's vaccine or testing requirement aimed at large businesses, but allowed a vaccine mandate for certain health care workers to go into effect nationwide.

FDA Head Says Most People Will Get COVID-19 as U.S. Reaches Record Hospitalizations, Cases

CDC director,"The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities"

Biden’s Proposed IRS Bank Account Snooping...Venmo, PayPal, Cash App Must Report Payments of $600 or More to the IRS

Voters need to start turning the page on Biden’s disastrous presidency

Biden saying there is no federal solution to COVID means our patchwork response continues

The Year in Whoppers: Biden’s false assurance, Kamala’s cluelessness and more

Lobbying firms connected to Biden White House are flourishing under new administration

The Biden Administration Rejected an October Proposal for “Free Rapid Tests for the Holidays”

After months of yelling about how important at-home testing kits are, Joe Biden forgot to buy them. Oops!

Democrats are struggling to pick up the pieces after Sen. Joe Manchin effectively crushed President Joe Biden’s big domestic policy bill.

Joe Biden's Failure to Fulfill Student Loan Promise Is Angering Largest Voting Bloc in U.S.

Failure Of Biden’s Oil Release Means More Bad Energy Policies

Congress must investigate Hunter Biden – and those protecting him. Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine, Russia and China have direct national security implications

America's prices are surging more than they have in 30 years. Over the past 12 months, prices climbed 6.2% -- the biggest increase since November 1990.

‘Swear to God, true story,’ Biden says as he tells ‘false’ Amtrak story for 5th time

Biden appears to use prepared list of reporters after G20 summit in Rome: 'I'm told we should start with AP'

Biden scratches head when asked about possible payments to illegal migrants

Origin of Virus May Remain Murky, U.S. Intelligence Agencies Say

NIH admits US funded gain-of-function in Wuhan — despite Fauci’s denials

Business group warns of mass layoffs and 'catastrophic' supply chain disruptions from Biden's vaccine mandate

Man accused of raping woman on crowded train was released from immigration detention, never deported

Inflation soars to highest rate in 13 years — here's what that means for interest rates

Joe Biden and Hunter’s shared bank accounts could make president target of FBI probe

Southwest CEO says he never wanted a Covid vaccine mandate but Biden forced his hand

Pelosi says IRS reporting requirement for bank accounts to stay in reconciliation bill despite public concerns

What's inside the Treasury's proposal to track nearly all bank accounts

‘Hiding the Ball’: Hunter Biden Complicates White House Anti-Corruption Push

Lobbyists shielded carried interest from Biden’s tax hikes, top White House economist says. Surprise... Biden was the top recipient of campaign money from that industry in the last cycle.

Top generals say they urged Biden not to withdraw from Afghanistan directly contradicting the president’s comments in August that no one warned him not to withdraw troops from the country.

Psaki claims it is 'unfair and absurd' for businesses to raise prices if Biden administration raises corporate taxes

Jen Psaki sticks to ‘Russian disinformation’ story after Hunter Biden’s laptop data confirmed


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New study finds booster protection against Omicron drops at 10 weeks

Florida surgeon general says Biden admin 'actively preventing' monoclonal antibody treatments

Two Common Over-the-Counter Compounds Reduce COVID-19 Virus Replication by 99% in Early Testing

The Omicron variant is now dominant in the US

COVID-19 pills could be game-changer, but doctors worry about early access, uptake

France's public health authority has recommended people under 30 be given Pfizer's (PFE.N) Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine when available instead of Moderna Inc's (MRNA.O) Spikevax jab, which carried comparatively higher risks of heart-related problems.

Merck Will Share Formula for its Covid Pill With Poor Countries

Risk of mRNA Covid booster causing heart inflammation in young adults continues to worry scientists, Dr. Ofer Levy says

In secret vaccine contracts with governments, Pfizer took hard line in push for profit, report says

AstraZeneca antibody injection able to prevent and treat coronavirus, latest study shows

Pill to treat Covid-19 cuts the risk of death by half, says Merck, which will seek its emergency authorization

Are people getting full facts on COVID vaccine risks?

Dealing the White House a stinging setback, a government advisory panel overwhelmingly rejected a plan to give Pfizer COVID-19 booster shots across the board.

Dr. Fauci says he doesn’t have a ‘firm answer’ if natural immunity is better than the COVID-19 vaccine

US researchers say teenagers are more likely to get vaccine-related myocarditis than end up in hospital with Covid

St. Luke’s and LVHN employees who caught COVID-19 to defer getting the vaccine, other employers may follow


Internal Documents Further Contradict Fauci’s ‘Gain-of-Function’ Research Denials

Moderna: people who received its Covid vaccine in 2020 are nearly TWICE as likely to get infected with the coronavirus

Biden knows his vax mandates are unconstitutional — but just doesn’t care

Study: COVID recovery gave people longer-lasting Delta defense than vaccines

Good news: Mild COVID-19 induces lasting antibody protection People who have had mild illness develop antibody-producing cells that can last lifetime


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Volunteer group evacuates 39 Americans and permanent residents from Afghanistan Hundreds of Americans, at least, are believed to remain in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is facing the ‘worst humanitarian disaster we’ve ever seen,’ the UN says

Left behind by US withdrawal, some former Afghan spies and soldiers turn to Islamic State

Hunger forces Afghans to sell young daughters into marriage

Taliban official says the hard-line movement will once again carry out executions and amputations of hands.

Terrorism will increase under Afghanistan’s newly appointed Taliban government, experts warn

Afghanistan’s shrinking horizons: ‘Women feel everything is finished’

The U.S. branded the Haqqanis terrorists and issued $5 million bounties. Now they're in power in the Taliban government.


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House Democrat slams Kamala Harris on border: 'Doesn't look like she's very interested in this'

Flood of opiates across border 'worst it's ever been' and could destroy country, retired DEA leader warns

Biden FEMA rejects Texas appeal for emergency aid for border crisis

Biden Administration Cancels Remaining Contracts for Border Wall

It’s not just Republicans. Everyone’s mad at Biden over migration.

Governor Abbott Requests Federal Emergency Declaration From President Biden For State Of Texas In Response To Border Crisis

Biden’s Border Crisis Is Becoming a Coronavirus Crisis. Build back better was the message but “disintegrate faster” has become the reality.

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Guatemalan president blames Biden immigration policy for border crisis

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Secretary of Energy acknowledges pipeline is 'best way' to transport fuel

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Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Explains Why It’s Not Racist to Require ID for Voting

Pastor calls for Black community to 'reevaluate' stance on Democratic Party after no invite to Harris event



Secret Service Agents Intervened in Hunter Biden Gun Incident
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Of course, there’s radio silence about Joe Biden’s longstanding friendship with former KKK member and recruiter Democratic Senator Robert Byrd. At Byrd’s 2010 memorial service televised on C-SPAN, Biden delivered a tribute, calling the former Klansman a “friend, “guide” and “mentor.” Biden also said: “Every time I sat with Leader Byrd I never called him Senator. I called him Leader.”